When it comes to planning a wedding, most couples don’t want to settle for cookie-cutter solutions that will make their wedding appear impersonal or even unremarkable. Instead, they want the biggest day of their lives to represent the two of them and no one else. This yearning for personalization doesn’t have to translate into more money. On the contrary — whether you’re planning a formal wedding or a more casual event, you can incorporate personalized touches without breaking the bank by renting the materials you will need. By renting products for your wedding, you don’t have to settle for items that don’t fit your personalized vision. You’ll get exactly what you’re looking for and you’ll have access to products that may have otherwise been too expensive in large quantities.

Your rental company can help ease the tension of pre-wedding set up with their knowledge and experience. Many businesses even help you throughout the event as well, keeping it on track and flowing smoothly.

Creating your ideal, personalized wedding doesn’t have to break the bank. Seen something you’d love to have in bridal magazines? Renting can be just the solution to make it a reality. Here are some tips:

First, choose your look. Do you envision a formal wedding, or a more casual event? Think about colors you like and where you want the wedding to take place.

  • Second, start planning. Take your photos and ideas to nearby rental businesses. Ask them to help you match these dreams items to your colors and your theme. You’ll be surprised to learn about all the products you can rent.
  • Finally, embrace your rental contact as an expert. When it comes to renting products for your wedding, don’t be afraid to seek out items you want. It could be the difference between a run-of-the-mill event and the wedding of your dreams.

Following are some ideas to help you plan your dream wedding:

LINENS: Make an impression by choosing table linens in your wedding colors, or go with all–white, then add chair covers with a bow-tie sash and matching napkins in accent colors. There are hundreds of colors to pick from. Bring in your sample swatches so you can coordinate colors with your bridesmaid dresses and flowers. Add your choice of china and glassware to the arrangement for each table and get a rich and sophisticated setting.

TENTING: If you’re looking for the beauty of an outdoor location without the worry about the weather, tents are a great way to create the wedding of your dreams. ARA member rental businesses have beautiful tents to create the venue, as well as everything you need to make it beautiful and comfortable.

Huge tents and elegant canopies come in wedding white and many also come with clear tops — thus allowing guests access to the drama of a sunset or a sparkling night sky. However, if you plan on incorporating a tent into your wedding, make sure you give the rental business — and yourself — enough advanced notice. Depending on the time of year, the rental business will need plenty of notice to reserve all the equipment you will need.

You can also rely on rental service experts to help before you book your venue. They can help you assess the site for things like power accessibility, ground water issues, or overhead power lines that may interfere with your vision of a tall tent, among other situations.


Innovative Ideas for Rented Wedding Centerpiece Items

Renting the Perfect Wedding Centerpiece

Consult with your rental store professional for help finding a centerpiece that will work best for your wedding reception. When selecting a wedding centerpiece to rent, pay attention to the following details:

  • Height. The height of the wedding centerpiece plays an important role in either enhancing or blocking conversation at a table. The wedding centerpiece should be tall enough to see under or short enough to see over.
  • Size. A too-large wedding centerpiece can crowd guests, but a too-small centerpiece can get lost on a large table.
  • Cleanliness. Candles that drip can ruin table linens. Instead, use a dripless or mechanical (battery operated) candle with your rented wedding centerpiece.
  • Safety. Wedding centerpieces containing candles may pose a fire hazard if placed too close to guests. Keep the candle flame height and its proximity to guests in mind to prevent a disaster. In addition, check to make sure that your wedding reception venue allows centerpieces that contain candles.
  • Varied height. A wedding centerpiece made of components of varying heights creates interest. Accomplish this effect by renting varied-height centerpieces or renting and combining vases, candleholders and pedestals of varying heights. 

Here are some ideas on how to use centerpiece items available from rental stores to make your wedding centerpiece unique, beautiful and affordable.

Hurricane lamp. Surround a rented hurricane lamp with lovely flowers to add interest to it. Be careful to use flowers with a mild fragrance or beautiful silks to prevent overpowering guests with fragrance.

Glass bowl or cylinder vase. Float candles in these beautiful, rented items for maximum light reflection and beauty. Check with your rental store professional to make sure the items are heat-resistant.

Basket. Arrange beautiful flowers in a rented wire, wooden or woven basket.

Vases. Create a centerpiece composed of small rented vases, each containing a beautiful orchid, which each guest can take home as a table favor.

Pedestal cake stand. Place a small, tiered wedding cake on a beautiful rented pedestal cake stand and use as a table centerpiece in place of the traditional flowers or candles.

Candleholders/Candelabra. Rent candleholders or candelabra to hold pillar, taper or votive candles, as well as a combination of these types of candles. Candleholders and candelabra come in colors and a variety of metals, such as gold, silver, pewter, copper, brass, bronze, nickel or iron. Available styles include traditional, branch, varied height, spiral, shaded and lantern. It also is easy to decorate these sturdy, rental items. Wrap flowers around the bases of the candleholders or candelabra to increase its beauty.

Flower towers or stands. Rent these tall flower holders, which accommodate either fresh or silk flower arrangements, to create atmosphere drama or elegance without blocking your guests’ view.

Mirrors.Rent round or square mirror bases to accent wedding centerpieces and to give them a larger look.

Tiered food stands or pedestals. Rent tiered display food stands to use as wedding centerpieces.

Vases. Rent bud, bouquet, pillar, hurricane or cylinder vases for wedding centerpiece flower arrangements.

Oversized champagne or martini glass. Rent these glasses, fill with marbles, sand or lighted ice cubes and then use as a centerpiece vase for a unique look.

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