10 Biggest Mistakes Couples Make at Weddings and How to Avoid Them

Couples tend to spend countless hours and a tremendous amount of money planning their weddings. One of the main factors that confirm a successful wedding for a couple is when guests leave their wedding and say, “Wow, that was the best wedding ever!”.

We know how any couple wants the memory of their big day to last forever in their families and friends minds, but only in the best way possible!  So, this is why it’s very important that couples concentrate their attention on the wedding experience of their guests first and ensure they are well taken care from the beginning until the end.

So here are a few do’s and don’ts for weddings:

Mistake #1 – Ceremony:Besides the type of ceremony that you choose, you must make the ceremony, as short as possible. Understandingly, the ceremony is the most important part of the wedding, but we’ve have heard of wedding ceremonies lasting up to 4 hours, and that is much too long! Try to make the ceremony short but still very emotional. Our advice would be to make it last between 30-40 minutes, maximum. By doing this, guests will follow the ceremony more closely and will be very pleased overall.

The ceremony is only the first part of your wedding celebration. There are going to be other surprises to follow, and if you make the ceremony never-ending, your guests might not stay for the entire duration of your wedding celebration.

Mistake #2 – Post-ceremony photos: After the ceremony, you will want to have some portraits taken. It can be difficult to strike an equal balance here, but it’s actually in bad taste to make guests wait for a bride and groom for too long. In this situation, what you can do instead is to consider having “the first look” portrait taken before the ceremony, so you can have your couples photos, which are very intimate by the way, and a few other portraits taken after the ceremony with your family and friends included.

While you’re having your photos taken, the best advice we can give you is to offer a welcome cocktail or champagne reception for your guests during this time period. Again, try not to make your guests wait too long.  If you are going to be serving appetizers, try and remember that people will eat more due to fact that they are waiting for the bride and groom to come join the party. Believe it or not, digestion is one of the worst enemies of a wedding because guests will fill up on appetizers if they have to wait and they will not have room for their lunch or dinner. Also, take into account that some of the effects of eating too much is yawning, and you don’t want anyone yawning while you are saying your speech, do you? Keep your guests entertained while you have your photos taken so that your guests can socialize, eat, and have fun while waiting for you.

Mistake #3 – Table seating and centerpieces: When you’re seating guests for the lunch/dinner part of your reception, understand that many of your guests will not know each other, and they might want to talk and get to know each other. Keep in mind that if you have guests sit at a “U” shaped table, people will not have a chance to socialize. HUGE centerpieces are also a problem, even though they are super stylish and stunning, they will make it almost impossible for guests to see across the table and talk to anyone except the people they have right beside them.

Mistake #4 – Music at lunch/dinner reception: Imagine that you are a guest at your friend Jane’s wedding. You know only a few of the guests, and Jane decided to sit you right next to an introverted couple that you don’t know. You know that you’re going to be seated there for the next 3 hours, so you try to start a conversation before you fall asleep. You are about to start a conversation when you hear loud music in the background coming out of the speakers. 

You think, what the heck? How would you feel at a time like this? Imagine this is going to be the type of music you hear for the entire duration of the dinner reception! Even if you happen to be a fan of Psy and his Gangnam style, there are other ways to play your favorite music, but do it right. Play this type of music after the dinner reception only or try and choose another type of jazz/acoustic/instrumental version like this.

Remember, at dinner, guests want to chat and meet others. They are going to be there for at least 1 1/2 hours, so if you choose the wrong music, you will stress out your guests and make them want to run away. It’s actually extremely awkward to have loud music playing during dinner since no one will be able to make conversation, plus if you choose any  type of dance, electro, or even loud singing music, your wedding could turn into a disaster! Try and choose some jazz/instrumental, or lounge music to play instead of loud “punchis punchis” music that blare through the speakers. In addition, if your dinner is going to last more than 2 hours, avoid any classical music because eating dinner plus classic music equals bored people.

Mistake # 5 -Children at weddings: Kids are so charming and adorable, who doesn’t love them? But, the truth is that kids are kids and they will behave like… kids!!! So, there is no way for them to be controlled during a wedding celebration. If you do decide to have kids at your wedding, it might be a good idea for you to hire a baby sitter to keep them entertained and to do some activities with them so they can have fun too! Plus, parents always enjoy a day free of stress and some relaxation without thinking of chasing kids around and trying to make them behave like grownups constantly.

Mistake #6 – Women and Heels: Stiletto, kitten, prism, spool, wedge, pumps, sling back, platform, and sandals are just a few of women shoe styles! We are talking about heels here. We women love heels! And most of us, if not all, will wear them at weddings.

At the beginning, while wearing heels, we are super convinced that we’ll make it until the end of the day, keeping our style is the most important thing to us, and no woman will give up to that. But, after about the first 20 minutes of wearing said heels, we start feeling a pain sensation and that our feet are killing us softly. We realize that minute by minute, it’s going to get worse. Yes it will, and our feet will make us regret wearing heels by making us pay for our audacity every single second.

We realize that we have to move from one place to another. The reality is that we will be looking desperately for a place to sit down and take off our heels, even just for one second. But, what happens when we realize that there are not enough seats in order to take a seat? And, the few seats that are there are already taken?

A nice way to release women from unavoidable pain is to offer them a pair of flat shoes at some point in the wedding. These replacements can be flip flop, slippers, or any type of flat shoes. There are many wedding vendors out there that have a great variety of comfortable shoes available and many can be personalized to match a specific wedding theme. All the ladies at your wedding will thank you for offering them comfortable shoes with all their heart.

Another cute idea is to offer women heel stoppers in the case that you will be having an outdoor wedding. Heel stoppers will protect women’s heels and will avoid their heels sinking into any soft ground.

Please remember to have enough seats for ladies at the ceremony, at the welcome cocktail, and at the after dinner.

Mistake #7 – Speeches: These are a very special part of any wedding. The best wedding speeches are the ones that are short, fun, but still emotional. The person who’s going to give the speech should prepare in advance. The one who gives the speech should think of it as a great honor that demands a great level of responsibility.

Give the people giving a speech a maximum time limit so you can be sure that your wedding will go smoothly and prevent them from speaking for too long. Try not to have too many speeches, and remember that the speeches are very special and the privilege should only be given to just a few people.

Mistake #8 – Outdoor weddings: Outdoor weddings are simply beautiful!! If you are having an outdoor wedding, remember that people hate itching, sweating, or freezing. If you know that it’s going to be hot on your wedding day, provide your guests with fans or parasols, and make sure that there are shaded areas available. In addition, put some mosquito traps or repelants up as well. If you know that it will get chilly, provide patio heaters or pashmina scarves for the ladies. Think about renting a beautiful white wedding tent that can be thermostatically temperature controlled for very cold or warm weather.

Mistake #9 – Quantity and Quality of the food: This part is super important!!! You must prioritize the food at your wedding at all costs. After the ceremony, people are starving, and as soon as they see food, they will make a beeline for it right away. It is horrible when there are only three appetizers served which are gone in the first 5 minutes and all that is left are empty dishes and no one to fill them up again.

It is not just the quantity of the food, but the quality of it as well. Have you ever gone to a wedding where they served beef, fish, or chicken, and everything tasted like plastic? In this case, you would find yourself more hungry after you ate than before you ate. If you are doing this big investment for your wedding (the catering will take a big part of the budget), try and choose the right food and hire professionals that are sure to give you amazing food in abundance.

Mistake Mistake #10 – I don’t need a wedding professional, my family/friend will do it:  Even though your family or friends might have good intentions, there are two possibilities here:

 1) They are not wedding professionals:Planning a wedding takes a lot of work. They might have some idea, but they don’t really have the know-how and the skills to pull off planning a wedding. Can you imagine your sister doing the flower decorations for your wedding when she really should be getting ready for your big day? Are the flowers going to turn out like you imagine? Probably not.

Weddings always have last minute incidentals. What do you do if your friend is supposed to be your wedding photographer, but on your wedding day, he gets sick and can’t attend your wedding? The last thing you need or want on the day of your wedding is to be chasing around vendors and fixing last minute rushes and problems. If you don’t have any other contact with these people, it’s going to be a disaster!

2) Your Friends and Family might work in the wedding industry: They might have the know-how, but to be honest, it’s not fair to make them work on your wedding day. They deserve to enjoy your special day and celebrate with you for this once in a life time experience. Also, what happens if you don’t like their work? There’s nothing you can do about this because, since it is your friends or family, they must have done it for free right? And you just have to accept their bad work and regret it later!



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